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Brickpave started in 1993 and consisted of a truck and one team of five members. Today, 16 years later, we are still paving the northern suburbs and we are a proud team of 3 drivers, 11 teams – each consisting of approximately 5 members – and 4 trucks.

Our team have stuck together through good times and bad, but no matter where we find ourselves we have always been committed to giving excellent service with outstanding quality products.

Through the years we have paved our way into being one of the leaders in this industry, and it is with pride that we accept this challenge given to us by our customers and competitors.

We are proud of every single brick that we have lain in the past and will lay in the future.
Pride is also taken in our expert advise that we provide prospective clients which ultimately leads to the complete customer satisfaction that we are so renowned for.

We hope that you will also be able to testify of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

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paving - cement paving - cobble paving - slab paving - brickpave